Places to study at Illinois State

Personally, I can’t study in my room because I either get too distracted on my phone or I am tempted to fall asleep because I’m sitting on my bed. I have tried so many times to study in my room last year, but it never turned out to be an effective study session. What was the solution to my problem? I found different places on campus to study! I always like changing up where I study because I like a new environment. Here are some the places I would highly recommend if you ever need a place to study!


1. The atrium

This is probably my favorite place to study! The atrium is located in the Bone Student Center on the main floor. I like it because it has sunlight coming in through the windows, brightening up the room and whenever I go, it is never crowded so it is nice studying in a quiet environment. Next time you’re sick of doing homework in your room, grab a coffee from Einstein’s and head into the atrium. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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2. Top floor of bone

Whenever the lounge area outside of the food area is swarmed with people, I usually go to the top floor of the bone and study/do homework there. It is less crowded, and is nice to go if you have a study group and need a place to study because it has a lot of tables. It is a very spacious area and is also quiet to help you focus.


3. Starbucks

Starbucks is my go to study spot between classes. I have an hour break, and I grab an iced coffee and crank out my homework. There is something about sitting in a coffee shop to me that helps me really focus and be productive. I’m a huge coffee person too, so being in a coffee shop brings a smile to my face. Next time you are studying and are tired/hungry, go to Starbucks and grab a coffee or a bite to eat!


These are just a few places that are good places to study. Don’t worry, I did not forget about the library. That is also a good place to study because they do have quiet floors so it isn’t as loud as you think, but I wanted to recommend places that are not as popular. I hope you take into consideration the study spots that I love to go to!