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My Takeaways From Living In A Sorority House

The end of spring semester means that after finals, freshmen are packing up their belongings and facing the daunting task of shoving everything into their parents’ station wagons and minivans to move out of the dorms. Most of them will spend the summer basking in the sun before the tough challenge that is move-in day rolls back around in the fall. Those lucky sophomores will rejoice at the idea of moving into an off-campus townhome or apartment, but for a select group of girls, there is something much more unique in store for next school year. 

I'm finishing my last few weeks living in my sorority house, and I can honestly say it is an experience that is difficult to compare to anything else. I mean, how often are you going to get the chance to live under the same roof with thirty other girls? 

With that said, here are my six takeaways from spending a year in a sorority house:

The food is better than the dining hall. 

At least in my house, it was. We had our own chef who made some really yummy lunches and dinners, and always popped out of the kitchen to talk to all of us and ask for our suggestions. Although not every house has this luxury, it’s definitely a perk that you need to appreciate while you have it.

Girls can be messy. 

I’m a clean freak. I start to get anxious when I see a mess, but living with a group of girls, cleanliness can sometimes be difficult. Learning when to complain and when to just acknowledge that not everyone feels the same way you do about how tidy to keep everything is a challenge, but it is definitely something you can work through. Also, there’s literally always hair everywhere! 

Sorority girls with cars are more efficient than Ubers. 

The amount of messages that flood our group chats with each other about girls needing and giving rides is almost crazy. However, it’s nice to have a trustworthy sister to turn to instead of paying an expensive Uber ride (or dealing with a creepy driver!). 

Conflicting personalities can bring drama, but how you deal with it is the most important. 

I can honestly (and unfortunately) say that I didn’t get along with all of the girls I lived-in with. And you know what? That’s okay, and it’s a part of life. It’s how you deal with conflict, however, that really counts. Fighting the mean girl talk with respect and kindness is the best way to show that you are above all the drama, and that at the end of the day, sisters need to have each other’s backs.

It can be really quiet, and it can get really noisy. 

My room is right by our back door, so when girls are coming back from a night out, I can hear almost everything! Laughter, shouts and excited conversations are common on Friday and Saturday nights. However, we’re all here at college to get an education, so during the day the house can be pretty quiet because everyone is in their rooms studying. Learning when to use your earbuds and when it’s okay to be loud is something that you work out within the first few weeks of living-in. 

At the end of the day, you all have something in common and are drawn together. 

Even though I’m not the closest with every single girl in my sorority, I would literally walk through fire for any one of those girls. Having a collective group of women around you is so special, and I think that in times of trouble, chances are there’s at least one girl you can bond with. 

I can’t believe my time living-in has come to an end, and I hope that the new wave of girls coming in next fall appreciate the experience just as much as the rest of us do.  

Caitlin Eichhorn

Illinois State '23

Caitlin is a senior at Illinois State University studying Public Relations and Spanish. She is a member of Theta Beta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma and loves being a writer for Her Campus. When she's not studying or writing her novel, she is watching 80s films or hockey highlights.
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