Keeping Yourself Motivated Through Finals

As spring comes to an end and the semester draws to a close, you’re likely finding yourself a bit listless or unmotivated. No judgment here — that end-of-semester slump can overtake the best of us. But, there is no feeling more rewarding than getting the chance to end the semester with your head held high, and, I’d like to let you in on my top three tips for keeping spirits high at the end of a long semester.

  1. 1. Please your past self

    notes pinned to a board

    Think about it: For the past 15 or so weeks, you have been working hard to keep your grades up. Whether you’ve been powering through essays and study guides, or just balancing school, work and a social life, you have put so much energy into staying on top of your studies. Why would you let all of that go so close to the finish line? Think of the version of you that (may or may not) have existed at the start of the semester — the you that was looking forward to class, that is. Don’t throw what past you worked for away; you got this!

  2. 2. Take time for self-care

    Coffee cup near bathtub

    Honestly, this is a piece of advice that should be put in play at any point in the semester, but in a time as stressful as finals, you’ll need it now more than ever. Yes, studying is important, but you and your health should always be the top priority. It is more than okay to put the flashcards down, and pamper yourself. Take an extra-long shower. Go on a long drive with your favorite tunes. Treat yourself to your favorite meal. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing, as long as it allows you to take some time just for you.

  3. 3. Go out and enjoy the weather

    gray and black laptop sitting on the grass

    A huge part of the end-of-semester slump (at least for me) is the transition from the cold to warm and sunny weather. It can be so easy to feel distracted when you're stuck inside studying all day. What I like to do is, instead of ignoring the sun I’m missing out on during my study sessions, I take my notes outside. Allowing yourself to enjoy the weather will not only boost your mood overall (shoutout to Vitamin D, man), it will also make studying a bit more exciting! Who knows, you might end up looking forward to your study sessions in the sun.


So, whether you have to do it for your past self, take a hot shower, or just sit in the sun for a bit, you’ve got what it takes to finish this semester strong!