How Her Campus Helped Me Grow as a Person

When you’re in high school, everyone always tells you to get involved and volunteer at all different things because it looks good on a college application. What people don’t tell you about being involved is what you get out of it. At Illinois State, I am part of a sorority and obviously Her Campus, and I plan on joining Psi Chi (psychology club). Even though it does not seem like I am involved in a lot, it keeps me really busy and it’s the right amount for me.


Coming here, I knew I wanted to be involved, but I was scared to join anything without knowing anyone. I kept telling myself I would go to festival ISU, check out different clubs, sign up for a weekly email, and attend the first meeting, but I never attended the first meeting because I was scared of going by myself and not knowing anyone. However, I quickly got over that fear because now I am in Her Campus, and I have never been happier that I joined.


So, what did I get out of Her Campus?


Her Campus has showed me that I truly am passionate about writing and it has helped me have a voice and share stories and write things that I care about. It has helped me grow as a person in the sense that I am going to be the editor and hold a leadership position. It has helped me be more confident in myself and when I first joined, I wrote personal articles about self-love and how to have a positive outlook in life in hopes of being able to show people who are struggling with the same thing that they’re not alone. Her Campus has given me the opportunity to do what I love; write.


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Don’t be afraid to get involved and join different clubs. Don’t be scared to go to festival ISU and attend a first meeting of a club by yourself. Because if I did not, I would not have been in this club.