How to Balance Your Life

It is no secret that college students have crazy busy schedules. From classes, work, clubs, fraternities/sororities, working out, healthy eating, and even balancing a social life on top of all of that, you can say we barely have time to breathe. Time management is a huge skill that many students lack because when we do get free time, we want to just lay in bed and play on our phones. I have struggled with time-management myself, so here are a few tricks I have learned about balancing my life.


1. Get a planner and USE IT!!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to carry a planner around. Whether you use a physical planner or an app on your phone, it is super important to physically see how your day looks like ahead of time so you do not get stressed out later. I love to use Google Calendar on my iPhone. It is the best all in one planner for those who do not want to carry a physical book all the time. 

via Jessica Hogeboom's Google Calendar schedule

2. Wake up earlier

This one is good for those who are morning people already. If you wake up an hour earlier you have more time to be productive. I personally do not have class until 11 am, but I wake up at 7 am so I have time to do things like eat a nice breakfast, drink a cup of coffee, relax, and just prepare myself for my busy day.

taken by Jessica Hogeboom

3. Prepare your day the night before

This goes back to using a planner. It is nice to plan out your day the night before so that you have a clear idea of what you will be doing the next day. Also, laying out your outfit and packing your book bag is a great way to reduce wasting time in the morning. 

4. Meal Prep

Meal prepping is good for those who live in an apartment, have super busy schedules, and don’t have time to make dinner. My roommate meal preps every week because she is always busy. This helps her so she doesn’t have to spend time making food in between her night classes and work.


There are many ways to help keep your life well balanced. These are just a few that I came up with that I have seen or learned from. Like I have said a million times already, USE THAT PLANNER!

Lot's of Love