The Different Types of People on Snapchat


We all know there are many different snap chatters out there, and these are just a few that I think are the most obvious. 



1. Obsessive Streaking

This isn't the nude in public type of streaking, but this is the person you get a snapchat daily from that obviously has nothing to say. They just want to keep the streak going. Daily, you receive the same exact snapchat from them getting ready in front of the same filthy mirror. Yawn. 


2. The ghost

This one's the person you rarely ever see, but then they appear out of nowhere, like people who only go class during exam weeks. Your snapchat messages still haven't been opened, and it's been like 3 weeks since you sent your message. You just start to think they really are a ghost. 


3. The multiplier

  This one puts the same snapchat in their story and also sends it to 10 different people. You get deja vu from the multiple times you see the same snapchats more than once from this person. 


4. The boring story time

This one feels the need to post anything. From walking across the street to eating a can of soup, proving that they're doing something by showing us their laptop screen of Greys Anatomy (probably re watching for the third time). 


5. Booty call-

This guy’s currently at the bar getting rejected from every girl there so he's going on snapchat to look for his late-night booty call backups trying to slide in like a little Romeo. Take a hike dude. 


6. The selfie

This one only posts snapchat stories taking photos of themselves or sends the same exact replies to people looking like they have no emotions. This one might be scarier than the ghost.


7. The quoter

This one has so many emotions they feel like they should post quotes in their snapchat stories. If someone wanted to look that quote up they can just google it, not everyone is in the moment to be in the feels. 


8. the foodie

Pancakes for breakfast, an omelet for lunch, and McDonalds for dinner. We're viewing documents of this persons’ legit meal plan of the whole day. They sure love food.


9. The partier-

Wearing sunglasses inside while their friend is jumping onto a table pretending they're captain underpants. These are always the best snapchat stories to watch.


10. The map creeper

This is just creeping at another level and the snapchat maps shouldn't even be a chat feature. We've all been the map creeper unless we just haven't updated this app since 2012. 


11. Who are you?

 You have absolutely no idea who this person is, but they sure seem to know who you are. They probably asked for your snapchat code when you were out last night. You already don't remember this person, great start!