Covid-Safe and Fun Things To Do When You're Bored

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve been looking for something to do for the past hour, and have had no luck. I’ve been there too. Here is a list of enjoyable things I like to do when all else fails and I’m bored out of my mind.

  1. 1. Hiking 

    roadtrip map

    You can make this into a whole day-trip or take off a few hours to hike. It is a fun activity that promotes physical health because of the exercise. Bring along a few friends or family and take scenic pictures. Appreciate nature.

  2. 2. Do Homework at The Beach 

    woman meditating on the beach

    If you have access to the beach then what are you doing at home right now! It can get repetitive going to the beach, but what if you do something different there? Grab a book and read, or do some homework. You can paint, watch Netflix, or even exercise at the beach. Who says you only go to the beach to swim? Make your own rules.

  3. 3. Picnics 

    picnic blanket, food and hat

    This can be a quick lunch break picnic or you can go all out and plan a fancy picnic. Grab some sheets, plates, mugs, and anything your heart desires. Some friends and music would set the scene and instead of hanging out in a room all day, you get a change of scenery. Bonus points if you have a hammock!

  4. 4. Bike Rides/Walks into The Unknown

    hawaii girl happy biking fun peace

    Small towns are boring, but have you really explored every inch of it? Go on a walk, pick random turns and paths and see where you end up. I often like to read all the signs and “dedicated to” on benches.

  5. 5. Try a New Coffee Shop/Lunch Spot

    Cappuccino and candle next to laptop

    Going to Starbucks everyday is what keeps me going, but sometimes you need to shake it up. Find a small local store and pay them a visit. You know those small stores that you drive by and have never heard anyone actually go there. Maybe you're missing out on some great menu item.

  6. 6. Try a TikTok Trend

    There is an array of TikTok trends that show things to do when you're bored. From having a five course meal; each part from a different store, to smashing plates. Another is to drive around and find a store for each letter of the alphabet. If none of these are your thing, how about just making some TikToks with your friends.

  7. 7. Presentation Night

    You’ll need a group of people for this, well at least another person and yourself. You’ll each prepare a power-point presentation on any topic, and then take turns presenting. You could set up a themed topic  for everyone to work around or let it be completely random. Here’s a few: Where I picture everyone in 5 years, who to cast in a movie about my life, rating different chicken nuggets, and etc.

If you’re able to go outside, then go! Being outside is very good for your health. Getting fresh air and some sunlight can do a lot for your mood. Not only that but it is COVID-safe as you are able to physically distance outside.