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For the College Girl Who Misses Her Furry Friend

We all love our dogs. To celebrate that love while college separates us from our best friends, I’ve compiled a list of reasons to love dogs, accompanied by pictures of my pupper, Ranger.

They’re so cute when they’re still tiny babies.

Look at those tiny paws! Eek!

They have awkward phases too!

During my pup’s awkward teenage years his ears couldn’t decide if they wanted to stand up. Still totally adorable though.

They’re still so cute when they’re all grown up.

I mean, the caption says it all.

Even their bad angles are good angles.

I mean, Exhibit A here. His nose looks huge. Does that in any way affect how precious he is? No, no it does not.

Their model poses are GOALS.

The slightly tilted ear. The casual glance away. The daintily crossed paws. I mean, this is a LOOK.

Their sass game is REAL.

Look at that side eye. Look at it. It happens far too often for it to be accidental.

They inspire you to let it all hang out.

Does this look like a dog that cares what you think of him?

They are pros at binge-watching.

Such lay. So Netflix. Much relax. Wow.

They wanna help with everything.

Ranger tries to help with my homework. I think it’s mostly moral support.

They love your parents as much as you do.


Families that adopt together stay together.

They love you your siblings, too. I guess.

Here we see Ranger tolerating the presence of my older sister.

They will also be your best friend.

Even when you can’t contain your love and end up expressing it in ways that probably feel like harassment.

For these reasons, and so much more, I will forever be missing my puppy, and I know for a fact that you will be missing yours too.

Hi guys! I'm Holly, and I'm a writer for HerCampus at Illinois State. My interests includes feminism, superheroes, books, movies, tv shows, food, and puppies! As you can see, I enjoy a pretty eclectic range of things, but most importantly I'm just a regular college girl trying to live her best life. :)
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