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Chance The Rapper, a man of the people

I’m sure by now most have heard about the generous act made by the one and only, Chance The Rapper.

For those that haven’t, Chance The Rapper donated $1 million the the Chicago Public Schools for arts education. Chance made an unexpected visit to the students at Wescott Elementary on Mon. March 6th to present the generous donation. In addition to the $1 million, he also donated $10,000 to Wescott specifically to save their after-school math and reading enrichment classes. Although he isn’t from the Westcott area specifically, Chance was born and raised in West Chatham, a neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, proving that he is a man that doesn’t forget his roots and where he came from despite his fame. Chance has gained extreme popularity within his solo career after the release of his second mixtape Acid Rap. Recently, his third mixtape to be released, Coloring Book, won three grammy awards. Coloring Book was the first streaming-only album ever to receive and win a Grammy nomination. Chance The Rapper is big on making his music easily accessible, shunning labels and giving his music away for free allowing everyone to enjoy his work. On September 24, Chance performed at his festival Coloring Day. Taking place at US cellular field on the South Side of Chicago, Chance’s origin, tickets were sold for an affordable $35, making them accessible to a majority of people. These acts of great generosity just further proves that Chance The Rapper is in fact a man of the people, giving everyone the opportunity to come together in the name of good music.

photo courtesy of  Victoria Hernandez  


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