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The Best Television On-Screen Relationships


Everybody has a TV couple they “stan” or “ship”, am I right? Some of the greatest love stories of all time come from our favorite fictional characters. We can truly become invested in these couples as the years go on. Here’s a look back at the most memorable and iconic TV relationships! 


1. Meredith & Derek – Grey’s Anatomy 

Ahhh, one of my favorite couples of all time! Meredith and Derek were the “it” couple on Grey’s Anatomy. From their first one-night stand to their Post-It wedding, you could say MerDer was the ultimate “relationship goals”. One of the most heartbreaking television losses was when Derek died after saving the lives of people in a tragic car accident and Meredith made the decision to pull the plug. And yes…. I’m still upset about it. 


2.     Ross & Rachel – Friends

Over the years, this couple took us through a rollercoaster ride. Were they really on a break? Would Rachel and Ross have been together after Emma was born if it weren’t for Joey? However, in the end, Ross and Rachel got the beautiful ending they deserved. I mean, come on, she didn’t take her dream job because of him! She got off the plane, people! 




3. Cory & Topanga – Boy Meets World

This couple was actually the definition of “high school sweetheart”! Cory and Topanga fell in love in the early stages of life and beat the odds by staying together through it all. They may have given my junior high self-unrealistic expectations, but these two truly were meant for each other in every way. 



4. Jim & Pam – The Office


For seasons, people wondered if Jim and Pam would ever get together or if Pam would come to her senses and dump Roy. Once they finally got together, all was right in the world. They supported each other’s dreams, helped each other prank Dwight and Michael, and never stopped loving each other. Jim and Pam will live in our hearts forever. 


  1. Aria & Ezra – Pretty Little Liars

Nothing like a little forbidden romance, am I right? This couple truly went through the wringerBetween A and the threats to not being able to be with each other in public, this couple definitely beat the odds. They loved and supported each other through everything, like surprise children and stalkers. They definitely got the happy ending they deserved! 


  1. Betty & Jughead – Riverdale

The classic bad boy and good girl combo. Betty and Jughead, otherwise known as “Bughead”, are proof that all is right in the world. Not only did he manage to break down her walls, but she did the same for him. 


  1. Nathan & Haley – One Tree Hill

Another bad boy and good girl combo that everyone fell in love with from the beginning. Haley and Nathan truly beat the odds and conquered every obstacle thrown their way. Haley made him a better person and Nathan made her stronger. They were the most solid couple in the show and “Naley” will live on in our hearts 5ever. 



  1. Chuck & Blair – Gossip Girl

Last but certainly not least, there’s Chuck and Blair. Another couple that definitely took us through an emotional rollercoaster over the years. Everyone knew that they loved each other except them, which was quite annoying if you ask me. However, in the end, they put aside their stubbornness and realized that they were meant to be. 

Everyone falls in love with the characters of their favorite show. Everyone always roots for their happiness. These are only some of my all-time favorite couples in TV history. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a happy ending?



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