Back to School Student Discount Guide

Welcome back, Redbirds! I can’t believe summer is already over and we’re settling back into our lives at ISU. I know that when I’m not in class or at work, I looooove to spend all of my money! I’m only sort of joking. Since we’re getting back to school, I thought I’d inform you of all of the local shops (even online!) and restaurants that have student discounts! Because, let’s face it, we need them.   


1. Amazon    

Honestly, this is a necessity. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the amazing discounts that Amazon offers college students, but I thought I’d remind you. They offer a free 6 month trial of Amazon Prime, followed by a 50% discount on the membership if you choose to continue. Which, if you’re a procrastinator like me, is perfect for your last minute necessities. Prime memberships also include unlimited photo storage and free streaming of Amazon Prime TV shows and movies. They also give you a major discount on Amazon Music (only 99 cents vs. the $9.99 other members pay)!   



2. Best Buy   

This student discount is perfect for students looking to purchase any sort of technology for school. Once you sign up for a Best Buy Account (which is super easy), you have immediate access to discounts and coupons all in your email! It’s perfect for when your computer breaks and you need a new one. Best Buy also price matches, so if you find it for cheaper on Amazon, just go to Best Buy for a free, same-day delivery.   


  3. Chick-fil-A    

My absolute favorite fast-food restaurant on the planet has a student discount and I didn’t even know it… While it’s not much, it can still go a long way for us college students! If you present your student ID when paying for your meal, they’ll give you a drink for free!   


  4. Pottery Barn Teen     Need more decor for your dorm or apartment? Check out Pottery Barn Teen! They have the cutest (and sometimes pricey) stuff, but thank the heavens that they sympathize with us college students and offer a 15% discount after signing up with your student email address.     


  5. Windy City Weiners   

One of the best on-campus restaurants, in my opinion. Who doesn’t love a quick and easy hot dog for when you’re on the go? On Mondays, they offer free fries or a drink to ISU students that present their ID.     


6. Office 365    

I’m sure many of you know this, but just to be safe, Office 365 offers a major discount! Sign in with your university email and you get all of their software (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) for free!     


7. Hunter Boots   

Perfect for the rainy and snowy days we’re about to encounter, the Hunter Boots websites offers a 15% discount when you sign up for Student Beans and verify your student status!  

  8. Fed-Ex   

Mailing some of your stuff home? Maybe a care package to a friend who goes to another college? Fed-Ex has an amazing student discount! They offer 20-30% off (depending on your package) when you present your Student ID.     


9. AMC Theaters    

Bored on a Thursday night and don’t have class on Friday? Check out the AMC Theatre in Normal! They offer discounted rates to students who show their ID on Thursdays. That justifies splurging on popcorn and candy, right?   



College can be a hard time for a lot of us….. Let’s face it, we’re broke. But if we’re going to spend half of our paychecks anyways, why not save a little money in the process? I hope this guide helps you and encourages you to always ask  if a restaurant or retailer offers a student discount!