Aromatherapy Galore

Midterm and finals season are among us and we all know how stressful that can be. Good thing I, an employee of Bath and Body Works, have all of the essentials you need to get you through the season. Not only that, but these would make awesome gift ideas that can be given to anyone in the family. All products are between $10-$20 each.

  1. 1. Stress Relief (Eucalyptus and Spearmint)

    This body lotion not only soothes your mind, but it has a nice mind-blowing smell to it. It opens up your pores and gives you that breath of fresh air. The eucalyptus plant helps to clear your mind of any worries that you may have, and the spearmint just leaves you with an uplifted and soothing feeling. Not only do they have this product in lotion, they also have it in the candle, sugar scrub, body wash, bubble bath, hydration body wash, body cream and also a pillow mist.

  2. 2. Energy (Ginger and Orange)

    For a little boost in the morning, energy is a great spirit lifter. Not only does it smell like oranges, with the nice touch of ginger you can’t go wrong. The orange fragrance is to uplift and invigorate while the ginger energizes your senses. This fragrance also comes in a candle, body wash, body scrub, hydration body wash, a body cream and a lotion.

  3. 3. Sleep (Lavendar and Vanilla)

    This is a big one ladies. This sleep potion right here has worked for me, so this is a personal favorite (I mean they all are but as a fellow insomniac, this one is major). The soothing vanilla not only smells sweet, but it puts your mind at ease, along with the lavender. It helps limit the stressful thoughts you are having to indeed put you to sleep a little easier at night. This fragrance comes in a body wash, foam bath, candle, pillow mist, a body cream and a body lotion.

Although there are many more aromatherapy fragrances in the store, these just so happen to be my favorites and from the looks of it, the customers favs as well. All of these products use essential oils that help your mind, body and mood. Hopefully, I’ve sparked your interests in going and taking a look, not only for yourself but for others and great holiday gifts. Xoxox.