5 Ways to Spice Up Your H2O Intake


If you’re anything like me, you attempt to avoid drinking water. I’m constantly forcing myself to drink it! To me, drinks like tea or soda just seem more appealing. However, daily water intake is essential to keeping your body running smoothly. Plain water can be pretty boring, so here are some of my favorite secrets to spicing up my water intake! 


  1. Lemon

Seems pretty simple, right? However, adding slices of lemon to your water adds a refreshing taste to your H2O. Just slice up a fresh lemon, add it in your water, and you’re good to go! Letting it sit a couple of hours before you drink it adds even more flavor! 


2.  Fruit Ice Cubes

If you have a little extra time at night, add some berries in your ice tray and mix it with water. Freeze it over-night and then you can pop it in your water and have an amazing berry taste! 



3.  Mint

Mint is another thing that adds a refreshing flavor to your water! I like to mix it with cucumber or even watermelon to give it an even more refreshing flavor.

4. Add a Splash of Juice

If you want some flavor without all of the calories and sugar, adding a splash of orange juice, pineapple juice, or even cranberry juice can give your water a little more flavor! 


5. Pineapple & Coconut 

Giving your water a tropical feel might help you drink it! Adding actual coconut or coconut water with slices of pineapple will give your water a nice kick!


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I know drinking water can be relatively boring sometimes, but these healthy ingredients will help you get your daily dose of water & prevent sickness with the variety of vitamins and minerals! The best part is, it doesn’t cost much to spice up your water intake!