5 thank you to my first year of college

Now that summer is right around the corner and we’re all getting ready to pack up and go home, I wanted to take the time to give out a few thank yous from my freshman year here at ISU. 

1) Thank you to my freshman year dorm room 

For holding all the memories from my first year in college. You made me feel safe when sometimes I might not have. You gave me a home when I was far away from mine. You were there for me on my best days and on my worst days. You treated me well even if I didn’t at times. Thank you. 

2) Thank you to my freshman year roommate 

You got me through my first year of college. You became the family I might not have wanted but most definitely needed. You taught me about and gave me the college roommate experience that not most people got to have. You were there for me and got me through the toughest year of my life. Your love and support will always be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

3) Thank you to my freshman year teachers 

For teaching me about not only the subjects that I enrolled in but more about life. You each taught me so many more important lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life. You opened up my mind and made me remember the passion that I used to have for school. Thank you. 

4) Thank you to my freshman year classmates 

You never failed to show me how crazy people can be. All of your personalities and individuality made me feel like I finally fit in. You made me understand that it is ok to fully be yourself and that no one actually cares about what everyone thinks. I learned as much from you as I did from my teachers. Thank you. 

5) Thank you to my freshman year self 

You surprised me. You got through the biggest obstacle of your life so far even when you thought you wouldn’t. You made it through friend losses and drama. You also made new friends and had new experiences that you never thought you’d have. I’m really proud of you. Thank you. 

I’m proud of the person that I became during my freshman year. Although I am sad that it is coming to a close, I am excited for what the rest of my time here at ISU has in store.