5 Essentials for the Colder Weather

Sweater weather is approaching us (SNL skit playing in my head---if you know, you know) and personally I have never been more excited! Time to pack shorts and tanks away, and replace them with sweaters, jeans, jackets, and scarfs! Here are some essentials you need to get you through the cold weather:

  1. 1. Sweaters

    This is an obvious one. H&M has the CUTEST sweaters and can be very cheap when they are on sale. I typically like sweaters with the turtleneck because it keeps me warm, but I also think the thin ones that I can throw on with a cute pair of jeans especially during fall.

  2. 2. Candles

    I thought sweaters was an obvious essential, but candles could beat sweaters! I use candles year-round but when it especially gets colder, it can make you feel cozy in your room! Bath and Body Works always has great sales and I just invested in a candle from Target and I love it!

  3. 3. Hot Coffee

    Sad that I have to say bye to iced coffee, but hot coffee when it starts to get colder out just tastes different. I am a huge Starbucks girl and I love the blonde vanilla latte. I also like their white chocolate mocha, but I usually like to stick with lower calorie coffee since I drink it every day.

  4. 4. Scarfs

    I personally love scarfs! I think they are so stylish and keep you so warm. I have a couple that that are plaid, and you can style it in different ways! I recommend neutral colored scarfs so it can go with any outfit.

  5. 5. Bake

    Last but not least, bake! The warm oven can travel through the house, and who does not want a warm chocolate chip cookie when it is cold out?

I hope some of these essentials inspired you to get excited/prepared for the colder weather coming!