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33 Thoughts We All Have While Watching Grey’s Anatomy

33 Thoughts We All Have While Watching Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: The show that has made us laugh, cry, and solve all of our problems by binge drinking and dancing it off. The show that has been there with us through our ups and downs. No matter what kind of mood you are in, Grey’s Anatomy is always the answer. Even though we must admit that Shonda Rhimes is a genius for making us feel emotions we didn’t even know existed, we also hold a special place of hatred for her in our hearts for slowly ruining our lives one episode at a time. I think it’s safe to say we are all permanently mind f*cked after we finish each episode, but despite the frustration we know that in the end, nothing will stop us from clicking “next episode.”  Here are 33 things I know we are all thinking during the typical episode of Grey’s



1.   “Nobody knows where they might end up”… Ok here it goes, my day is about to be ruined.

2.   It’s a beautiful day to ruin lives, Shonda. Am I right???

3.   Interns are getting on my nerves as usual.

4.   Interns are literally the freshmen of medicine.

5.   Wow Callie is being an emotional mess… Never saw that one coming.

6.   Wait that kind of reminds me of myself. HA!

7.    But if the doctors are living in crappy apartments what does that mean for my future?

8.   I’m screwed.

9.   Hold up… Meredith has ANOTHER sister???

10.   For all we know I could be Meredith’s sister too.

11.   I wonder what the doctors were like in high school…

12.   April Kepner is the kid from high school that would remind the teacher about the homework.

13.   I could treat you better, Jackson.

14.  In more ways than one… WHAT?


16.   he needs a chest tube… CALLED IT!

17.   I swear it’s the carotid every single time. 

18.   I could probably perform a surgery…

19.   Wow I hate Yang but at the same time she’s my spirit animal.

20.   She literally just says what we are all thinking but are too scared to say.

21.   I wonder if real doctors hit on their patients this much…

22.   Half of the stuff they’re doing is illegal.

23.   But it’s a fictional show so it’s okay…

24.  True life: I have trouble coping with the fact that Grey’s is fictional and that the characters aren’t real.

25.   I wonder if real doctors watch this show and get mad.

26.   Their eyebrows are literally all on fleek.


28.   Am I the only one who gets anxiety when they don’t lock the door in the on call room?

29.   But then again it’s not like they haven’t all seen each other naked already…

30.   They’re literally all eskimo sisters.

31.   WHAT… if that character dies i’m never watching this show again.

32.   *Character dies*

33.   Me: *clicks next episode*

34.   Me: *lays in bed for 100 years straight and watches Grey’s while crying and eating.*

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