11 Ways to Reduce College Stress

We all have different things we enjoy doing, there's also a few things we enjoy doing that also might be considered relaxing. Here's a list of a few things I find help me relax to reduce stress. 

I personally love to do anything active and outdoors, creative things, or something where I can just sit back and relax. 

1. Go to the gym- The gym can offer so much varying from different classes such as yoga or a boxing class, a rock climbing wall, weight and cardio machines, and even an indoor track to have an enjoyable run on. 

2. Go hiking-The constitution trail or any nearby outdoor park can always make a great hike and a great visual of some wonderful scenery. 

3. Write poetry- Writing in a notebook to vent out thoughts is a great way to get our thoughts out and onto something. Journaling, Poems, or even writing some stories is always a creative way to have fun.

4. Pet a dog or cat- Petting your neighbor’s dog, a random students dog in the quad, or even just going to the humane society to pet a dog or cat. Animals can always brighten your day and they're very therapeutic. 

5. Listen to Music- Any kind of genre of music, just play that music! Listening to music to relax is always a power move, especially if you're trying to tune out some louder noise or just need the music while you're working out or studying.

6. Watch Netflix- Browse on Netflix by watching some movies or tv shows after a busy day. Comedy movies or shows are always bound to make you laugh. If you don't have a Netflix account then snipe your families, friends, or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s login. 

7. Read- There's a good book, boring book, and a funny, happy, sad, and bad book - you won't know what kind of book it is unless you read it!

8. Paint- There’s something about adding more color with a paint brush that's very relaxing. Watching an image come together in color and scenery is a master piece at works, especially if you're the creator.

9. Roller Blade- This use of transportation is way more fun and cheaper than Uber! A great way to cope with stress. If you don't know how to roller blade or own a pair, you can always rent out a bike or use a long board. Don't be basic and just walk, give your feet a break and just roll with it!

10. Go to a pool- Did someone say pool party? Forget about school for a minute to take a breather. Soak up the sun with some friends and blast out the music. You'll be sure to forget about that exam you just got an "F" on while you chill at a pool. 

11. Use a bath tub- Not everyone in college has a bath, but if you do ditch the shower once in a while to just relax in the bath tub. A bath tub is almost comparable to a hot tub when the bath water is also at a hot temperature. Treat yourself!


Your list might be so much different from mine but maybe there's a few of these things that you already do and at least one or two of these things you might try doing.