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Welcome back, Redbirds! I am so relieved that we are back to a semi-normal college experience; I didn’t realize just how much I took those walks to class for granted. Now that we are back on campus in Bloomington–Normal, let’s talk about some fun things to do in BloNo! Being a townie, I like to consider myself an expert in this topic. 

  1. Paint Pottery at Artful Designs 

Looking for something fun and creative to do on your next girls night? Check out Artful Designs! This is a great place to be creative and have fun with your friends! Plus, who doesn’t love painting pottery? Make sure to check out their Instagram for more information.

  1. Check Out Pheasant Lanes

You can only go to the Bowling & Billiards Center on campus so much before you get bored. Located in Bloomington, Pheasant Lanes can be the source for all types of fun! They have an amazing arcade, bowling alley, food and even a bar! You can stay up to date on their different events and hours by checking out their Instagram.

  1. Visit Local Coffee Shops 

Are you a caffeine addict? Try out some of BloNo’s local coffee shops! No, I’m not talking about Starbucks or Dunkin. Try out The Coffeehouse, Coffee Hound, or Fusion Brew! These are all great choices and are located right on campus! 

  1. Iron Coyote 

Have a lot of energy you need to let out? Try Iron Coyote. This challenge park is filled with options for people of all ages. From rope courses to rock climbing, you can do it all! Check them out on Instagram!

  1. 3rd Sunday Market

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday market? The 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month (except in the winter). You’re able to shop for local produce, flowers, and other things as well! It’s the perfect way to start up your week.

  1. Merlot and a Masterpiece

Located in Downtown Bloomington, Merlot and a Masterpiece is perfect for any girl’s night out. You’re able to drink (21+) and paint! I consider myself artistically challenged and even I had fun. You can check out some of their work and find different events on their Instagram.

  1. Go to a CornBelters Game 

Ahhh, who doesn’t love baseball? Take your friends over to the CornBelters baseball field over by Heartland Community College to watch a game!

  1. Rader Family Farms

As we approach the fall season, you have to visit Rader Family Farms! It’s perfect for a photo op or just grabbing some great coffee! (And you simply cannot resist their apple cider donuts…)

  1. Proving Ground

If you like rock climbing, this is the place for you! There are so many different walls to climb that they are constantly changing. It’s truly a great workout but also a great way to have fun. Check out some of their different courses on Instagram!

  1. Pepsi Ice Center

Love ice skating? Try out the Pepsi Ice Center! This rink is great for a day with friends or cute for a date! 

Now that we are back in person this semester, make sure you are having fun in between all of the studying for your different classes. We have some catching up to do! 

Alyssa Ginzburg

Illinois State '22

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