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Why You Should Adpot a Few Housplants (If You Don’t Already Have Some)

Houseplants are trending again! They’re all over your Instagram feed, in your friends’ polaroids, and you keep seeing snap stories of people getting more “plant babies.” So why aren’t they lining YOUR window sill yet?

Photo Credit: Christine Joy Villanueva


Indoor plants are the right move for everyone. You can’t go wrong with getting a houseplant. So why is it so good to become a #plantmom and integrate the care of another living organism into your life?


Plants improve air quality!

You know how photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide to create the oxygen we so desperately crave? Well, plants also decrease levels of chemicals and pollutants such as carbon monoxide, benzene, nitrogen dioxide, and formaldehyde. NASA did studies on it, check it out: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19930073015.pdf


They look darling!

There’s something aesthetically pleasing in seeing something growing where it wouldn’t be normally. Take the little sprout in a boot that Wall-E carried around -- we cheer for the little guy to take root and grow. Green looks good with everything and everyone. Smack some photos up on your Instagram profile to flex your green thumb and environmental awareness. Follow @plantsindecor and @houseplantclub on Insta for inspiration.


You’ll never need to buy a humidifier!

The lovely plants you take under your care will increase the humidity in the room thanks to their transpiration process. They’ll release about 97% of the moisture taken in and keep respiratory diseases at bay. Enjoy healthy skin and no colds just for keeping a green boy alive. Professor Tove Fjeld of the Agricultural University in Oslo, Norway found conclusive evidence that I’m not lying about this: http://greenery.ca/pdf/PAWFAQs.PDF


Wolverine who? Deadpool who? Plants make you heal faster!

The presence of plants has been shown to accelerate the healing process of hospital patients. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19715461) Imagine what they can do to you!


I can’t hear you! I’m either losing hearing or you have plants in this room!

Plants are so versatile, we even use them to absorb noise. Why do you think we plant things along the freeway? Hint: it’s not just for the aesthetics. Plants have a variety of ways to lessen noise. They use absorption, deflection, and refraction. Don’t bother stacking egg cartons along your walls; read the instructions on how to use plants for sound here https://www.ambius.com/learn/how-plants-reduce-noise/


XoXo Feel better!

Nature is wonderful and relaxing. Keeping plants is simple and lowers stress and anxiety levels. It will also help you focus and be more productive. Don’t believe me? Try being mad at a tree. (I’m kidding, you can read this instead: https://ellisonchair.tamu.edu/health-and-well-being-benefits-of-plants/#.WNqIoM8rKUk) The study says that, “people who spend time outside every day are less likely to be depressed or stressed, and thus have fewer burdens on their mental health.” Mimic that by buying houseplants!


If you aren’t convinced by now, you didn’t read the whole article. Or do your own research. Houseplants are cheap, beautiful, and beneficial.


Not sure which plant to get? Which one is the most beneficial? Say no more. I personally recommend succulents for beginners as they only need water once a week and are easy to talk to. Cacti need even less water and remind you to keep it real. Trees are sturdy, reliable. They can be independent if you’ll allow them. Make sure to branch out and find the plant that suits you and your personality most!


Above all, have fun with your plants. Keep the amount of plants you care for realistic and be the best plant parent you can be!


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