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Megan Thee Stallion Deserves Better

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Drake and 21 Savage recently released their joint album ‘Her Loss’ and they caused quite a stir in doing so. On the ninth track titled ‘Circo Loco’, Drake raps the line “This b*tch lie ‘bout gettin’ shots, but she still a stallion’ which was a jab towards Megan Thee Stallion. If you’re unaware, Megan accused Tory Lanez of shooting her in the foot following a party back in July of 2020. Unsurprisingly, this shooting has been a heavy debate on social media these past two years because people don’t believe women, especially Black women. Misogyny has led to people magically becoming certified doctors and licensed lawyers as the debate on the topic. Abuse towards women is rarely immediately condemned; instead, people wait until they see the proof with their own eyes or the abuser themselves confirms it and even then they side with the latter. 

Drake’s line was a discussion on social media because people were divided about whether or not he was talking about someone lying about getting plastic surgery injections or about Megan lying about getting shot. It seems as though everyone conveniently forgot what a double entendre is. Most of the backlash surrounding Drake was because there was truly no reason for him to include that line, as he was not directly involved in the situation between Megan and Tory in any way yet he inserted himself. It’s also extremely dangerous and harmful for someone of Drake’s magnitude to openly suggest that Megan is a liar and subsequently voice his support for Tory because it will lead to others following suit. If Drake did it, what’s stopping these other make rappers from doing the same? 

Megan has had to defend herself consistently since she came forward. It has been disappointing but not surprising in the least at the lack of care for her well-being. It’s been essentially radio silent. It’s not lost on me that Megan was hesitant to tell the police that Tory had shot her because she was trying to protect him. Black women are often expected to put their race before their gender. It is not fair and frequently the result is similar to Megan’s. Ultimately, it is shown time and time again that Black women only have each other for support. 

I implore Black women to choose themselves, first, always.

Mariah Cain

Howard '24

Hello! My name is Mariah and I am a junior, journalism major, history minor, at Howard University. I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana and in my free time I enjoy listening to music, reading, and baking.