Meet Vernon Yancy, Class of 2016!

Name: Vernon Yancy

Hometown: Los Angeles, California (S. LA, Crenshaw District)

Year in School: Graduating senior

Dream Job: to be a self-made entrepreneur; own a lot of different companies; break into the real estate industry; start my own school, education of higher learning, especially for the young brothers back home from my community

Major: Mechanical engineer

Relationship Status: Single and looking for someone to build this dynasty

Campus Involvement: Executive Secretary for the School of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Sciences Student Council, Strategist of the Howard University Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Member of GOD social club, student advocate for the search for the next Dean of the School of CEACS, and a member of the California Club.

Why did you choose Howard: Because of the legacy; Howard is filled with some of the brightest minds the world will ever know, and opportunities available for our people to advance and matriculate in society are compared to none. And then just the campus filled with beautiful people, why wouldn’t you want to choose here?

Turn ons: Woman with drive, ambition, a lot of self-confidence, and not afraid to be her natural self around me.

Turn offs: Fakeness and overdose on makeup.

Most embarrassing moment at Howard: Freshman year, before I got my head on straight, there’s probably some pictures out there of me at parties that I wish weren’t taken. Some of those parties are embarrassing, I was a little wild.

Favorite pickup line: I don’t use pickup lines, I try to think of conversation starters. I always try to ask “What’s your major? What do you plan on doing with that major?” Off-campus, if I find a girl attractive and have to get to know more about her, definitely go up to her, look her in her eyes and say “Excuse me miss, I find you very, very attractive and I would love the opportunity to get to know more about you and tell you more about myself.” From there, you exchange numbers and go on from there.

Favorite movie: Boys In The Hood

Favorite food: Soul food from Dulan’s (in Inglewood) Sunday dinner platter with fried chicken, yams, collard greens w/dressing and gravy, cornbread and peach cobbler.

Celebrity crush: Janelle Monae; I love the way she carries herself.

Fun fact about yourself: I took hip-hop, tap, and jazz for 8 years before high school.

If you could trade lives with anyone, who and why: No one. I love myself. If I could relive my life, I would do everything the same; make the same mistakes.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I plan on being wealthy; when I’m happy, my family is happy, and everyone I care about is taken care of. I see myself at the forefront; having my own businesses. Running everything and being a boss.

What’s been your favorite part of college? The networking opportunities. Meeting all these different people from different place, it’s amazing. My network is crazy, that’s what I love about college – I’m gonna miss it too.

Perfect date: I like when I’m pushed out of my comfort zone and others are pushed out of their comfort zone, so I would make a full day out of it. I’ll come pick you up, bring you back to my spot and cook breakfast for you – but it’ll already be prepared when you get there. We’ll go out – I like fun activities – and do something like miniature golfing or go-carting if it’s a nice day out, something active, exciting, adrenaline rushing. After that, definitely grab lunch at your favorite restaurant. Then we’d go to the movies, see a scary movie so we can break the ice because whenever a woman goes to a scary movie she always ends up grabbing the dude closer. Being in DC, one of the things I love is visiting the monuments, so I’ll end the night at the monuments and walk around the Lincoln Memorial, see the reflection pool and talk about our goals and ambitions and get to know her from the inside out. That’s my perfect date.