Meet Charles Russell, Class of 2018!

Charles Russell, known as DJ Atrix to most, is one of Howard's hottest up and coming DJs. This week we wanted to take a moment to get to know the man that gets us nodding our heads and moving our feet. 

1. How would you describe your style?


2. When you’re about to DJ what do you look forward to?

I look forward to the crowd’s reaction.

3. What do you do to get prepared before every gig?

I listen to “On God” by Zuse featuring Post Malone.

4. How long have you been a DJ?

A year now.

5.When did you start?

I started senior year of high school shadowing my school dance DJ, and what got me into DJ-ing more was when I listened to DJ Swerve’s  ( another Howard DJ)“ Welcome to 2k14” mix.

6. What was your first real gig?

Draft Day during my freshmen week.

7. How much do you charge for a gig?

I charge by the hour and I make a decent amount of money.

Thanks again DJ Atrix for giving us a moment of your time. We know there's nothing but greatness in your future!