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In today’s digital age, it’s very easy to feel like you aren’t doing enough with your life. Through social media, you have access to millions of people sharing their life, and oftentimes only the highlights. Social media is interactive and shows real-time communication; as a result, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself. Being as though there’s no clear path for life, frequently you will find yourself in total opposites from your peers. Additionally, though most understand that social media isn’t exactly real life, this doesn’t mean that it’s easy to constantly see others experiencing things that you would like to.

The college years in particular can feel extremely isolating, as you’re now deemed an adult but you’re without the flexibility or resources to necessarily live this adult life. The routines of college students vary largely with some being student athletes, working students, full-time students, or students with children. Whatever the case may be, the reality is that this is a period of waiting and growth. Most college students aren’t reaping the benefits of their hard work but instead are laying the foundation for their future selves. Moreover, as motivating as the future is, it can be hard to stay motivated. Most people would prefer the instant gratification that comes with their hard work and unfortunately, that is not the reality for most college students. 

The mundane is important and we should all embrace it. The most obvious is the balance that it brings to your life. Having a mix of ordinary and unique experiences keeps life interesting while simultaneously allowing you to appreciate the interchange. Life isn’t solely about the pinnacle of your experiences, you have to experience the moments in the middle; the mundane, to even reach the peak. Additionally, if you only look for the vertex moments of life you’ll constantly be searching. There will always be more mundane moments than extraordinary ones and that is okay. Finding the beauty in the small things, the ordinary things, the simple pleasures is the true key to life.

Mariah Cain

Howard '24

Hello! My name is Mariah and I am a junior, journalism major, history minor, at Howard University. I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana and in my free time I enjoy listening to music, reading, and baking.