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3 Reasons Why You Could Use A “Cuddle Buddy”

As temperatures begin to drop, people are scrambling to find a companion for the long, cold winter. Why watch Netflix and chill by yourself on a snow day, when you could be snuggled under the covers with that special someone? If you’re starting to feel lonely, it may be time to find a cuddle buddy. Here are three reasons why cuddle buddies are a awesome:

1. Cuddling helps release oxytocin.

Oxytocin AKA the happy chemical, is a chemical that your brain releases to put you in a peaceful state. This chemical is often initiated by physical touch, so don’t be afraid to hug your way to happiness on those cold evenings.

2. There doesn’t have to be any real commitment

Cuddle buddies are just that—cuddle buddies. You do not have the same level of commitment that you would with a boyfriend/girlfriend. There’s no need to worry about planning extravagant dates or declaring your love on social media. The two of you should have a mutual understanding that, at the moment, you’re just keeping each other warm and entertained.

3. You’ll have someone to binge-watch Narcos with.

Let’s face it, when you’re alone with a box of pizza watch Netflix all day, it can start getting pretty boring after a while. However, add a cuddle buddy to the scenario and things don’t seem so sad anymore. It’s always more fun to watch television and eat delicious food with a friend.

We can all benefit from a cuddle buddy. However, it is important that it is the right person. You should feel relaxed around this person, and enjoy spending time with them. Perhaps it is important to have the same taste in movies or food. The search for the perfect cuddle buddy can be tough; you may even need to make application forms to help speed up the selection process. 

So, from Her Campus Howard good luck finding your cuddle buddy for the 2015-2016 season. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Alanté Millow is a junior print journalism major, English minor at Howard University from the Bay Area, California. Since transferring to Howard Univ. in Fall 2014, Alanté has become the Orientation Chair of the Howard Univ. Transfer Student Association, a contributing writer for The Hilltop Student Newspaper and participating model for the Howard Univ. Homecoming Fashion Show 2015 and Howard Univ. Bison Ball promotion. Visit her personal webpage at alantemillow.wix.com/journalist.
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