18 Homecoming Do’s and Dont’s

Homecoming week is the highlight of fall semester at any HBCU. Howard University’s homecoming, in particular, is known worldwide to be a lituation. Since 1867 Howard University has upheld a legacy of truth and service. Homecoming is a time when alumni from all across the country join the current students to celebrate the legacy of the beloved Mecca. Here are 18 tips to ensure a safe, memorable experience this upcoming week.

1. DO Pop out !

Howard students were recognized by the Huffington Post as the second best dressed undergrads in the nation. Stunting is a habit. Howard women wear heels on a casual Tuesday, so a bomb outfit is almost expected for homecoming. It is time to piece together those NYFW looks. You just might mistake the yard for a runway.

2. DON’T Drink and drive.

Simple. It’s not worth it. Uber, Lyft, and Split all run 24/7 in DC. Like Madeintyo said, “Uber everywhere.”

3. DON’T miss out of the free events.

Every college student’s favorite four letter word is “free.” The pep rally, tailgate, and yardfest are all free of charge!

4. DO Purchase your tickets early.

As a struggling college student a $40 event ticket could make or break your bank account. Plan out which events you want to attend and head over to Cramton Auditorium with your student ID for discounted tickets.

5. DON’T Wear heels that you can't walk in.

Nobody wants to be that girl stumbling around campus in 5 inch stiletto heels. If you don’t feel comfortable walking in your shoes for hours at a time...leave them at HOME!

6. DON’T Travel alone.

Campus is going to be extremely crowded. Current students, alumni, family members, friends, DC natives, and more will be in attendance. To ensure safety go out with a group of friends that you are comfortable with. Don’t leave your girls behind!

7. DO Plan outfits according to the weather.

There are several events that take place outdoors. Make sure to check the weather app before getting dressed! Pack an umbrella or hat if need be.

8. DON’T Get sloppy drunk.

Know your limits Blacking out is not a good look, especially with all of the alumni and family that are going to be visiting campus. Party hard, but keep it classy!

9. DO Stay Charged up.

Keep a portable charger in your purse Snapchat kills the battery life on smartphones. Keep a portable charger in your purse to avoid having to run back to your room to charge your phone!

10. DON'T Do too much. 

Don't feel the need to attend every event or party. Everyone has limits to the amount of turn up they can take. If you’re a homebody it’s okay to skip out on a party or two!

11. DO Ball on a budget.

As appealing as those nude knee high boots are, don’t forget about your other financial obligations.

12. DON'T Forget about your homework.

Knock out all of your homework assignments before starting off your weekend to avoid that Sunday afternoon anxiety after Homecoming.

13. DO Wear Howard paraphernalia.

Our Howard Bison will be playing Morgan State University for the homecoming game. Definitely show up to the game in Howard gear! Show your Bison pride and support our team.

14. DON’T Forget to eat, I’m not joking!

There will be so much going on that you might forget to eat lunch or dinner. 

15. DO Carry extra cash in your wallet.

Always have extra money in your wallet! Some vendors and clubs will only take cash, no debit or credit cards.

16. DON’T Snapchat every single moment.

It’s impossible to enjoy an event to the fullest if your focus is on recording the entire thing for your followers to see. Take a few selfies and videos of you and your girls looking cute and then proceed to live in the moment. Enjoy it!

17. DO Support the black-owned vendors that will be in attendance.

Yardfest is more than a concert ! There are typically several food and merchandise vendors, majority of which are black owned. Support black owned businesses and make a few purchases!

18. DON'T Forget to network.

Let's be honest homecoming is fun and all but, its also a great chance to network with Howard Alum. Meet as many people as you can, and exchange information with ALL of them. #WorkWorkDontStop.