College Fashion Week Recap

College Fashion Week was this past Saturday, October 20, and with the countless amount of pictures you could take, the free goodies, and the amazing fashion show, it was such a breathtaking experience. Let's recap all the great opportunities we had there!

College Fashion Week Inspiration Board 

When you first walked into the venue, you could see this beautiful white board. People were writing their names, inspiring quotes, Instagram handles, and answering the question "What is girl power?"

Instagram Picture Taking Opportunities

There were so many opportunities to take pictures at the different photo booths that each sponsor had. You could go take pictures with Ulta Beauty, fall into a pit of EOS lip balms, visit the cute Primark rooms, hang out at the ALMAY tables, or snap a boomerang in the white, glowing, and carpeted room. If you posted pictures with the college fashion week hashtag and tagged the sponsors, you also could've been entered to win raffles for more free gifts! 

ULTA Beauty Bar

There was also an ULTA Beauty Bar where girls were getting their hair or makeup done. The stylists did their hair in these beautiful elaborate braids, touched up makeup, and even did total makeovers. The girls probably headed to the ULTA Photo Booth that was right next to it right after!

Fashion Shows

Three fashion shows were displayed throughout the night featuring real college women who picked out their outfits with Primark. The first show had a lot of trendy, plaid, and comfortable everyday wear while the second show exhibited a lot of textiles and formal looks that you could wear out to a special event. The third show featured shirts with sayings on them such as "Girl Gang" and "I've seen the future, it's female." These shows were so empowering because real college students inspired us to embrace all of our body types and be strong, independent women. 

College Fashion Week was such an amazing experience and Her Campus Hofstra was so lucky to be able to attend this inspiring event! Thanks to all the sponsors and, of course, Her Campus Nationals for hosting such an incredible night! 

*All photos courtesy of Sarah Peres