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6 Sustainable Online Shops To Buy From Based On Your Aesthetic 

Style is a great way to express yourself, especially as a young student trying to find your identity. There are so many different styles of clothes to fit every person’s tastes, but the problem with a lot of companies is that they are fast fashion. So, instead of spending your money there, here is a list of sustainable stores that you can shop at right from your bedroom!

Dark Academia

This aesthetic includes a lot of polos, blazers, tennis skirts and oxfords. Think of Slytherin house from “Harry Potter.” This aesthetic has been coming back to popularity recently. A good sustainable shop for this aesthetic is Polo Ralph Lauren. They have made an effort to be environmentally conscious, such as releasing the Earth Polo, which is made of recycled water bottles and saves water in the dyeing process. The company also publishes an annual sustainability report so that consumers can directly see the goals and efforts they make to create ethical clothing.


    Another recently popularized aesthetic, the Y2K look seems to be the trend of the year. This style originated in the early 2000s, with a concentration on low waisted jeans, baby tees, halter tops, camis and animal print. A sustainable, ethical way to shop this style is to go thrifting! This can save a lot of money, as well as reduce the consumption of fast fashion clothing. However, in the midst of the pandemic, shopping online is definitely an easier and safer bet. A popular sustainable thrift site is Depop. Two stores on Depop with amazing Y2K style picks are Planet Claire and Luna Solita.

      Model Off-Duty

      This style was made popular by models wearing streetwear, such as Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner and Hailey Beiber. The balance between classy and comfy is the key point of this aesthetic, characterized by pieces like leather jackets, layers, sweats and heels. Some sustainable companies that sell clothing like this are & Other Stories and Reformation. A lot of models actually own a lot of items from Reformation, which publishes reports on sustainability initiatives, making it a good company to invest in. Reformation is committed to incorporating ethical, vegan, plant-based/recycled material in its clothing. & Other Stories is another really great company for sustainable clothing, as they specifically mention how they plan to take on the clothing industry’s waste problem by recycling materials.


        The hippie style is usually more incorporated into people’s lifestyles, but a lot of people like to reflect this aesthetic in their everyday clothing. Items such as harem pants, tie-dye clothing, crochet bags and crystal jewelry are examples of key pieces of this style. A great sustainable online shop to buy this style of apparel is www.hippieshop.com. The company started as a small, local business that set up shops at music festivals. They make a social and environmental effort by recycling, reducing waste, being energy efficient and donating to charities.


            Goth style has evolved into a modern-day “alternative” style, characterized by black clothing, chains, corsets, fishnets, miniskirts and more. A great place to shop for “alt” clothing is Depop, as it is very popular for sellers that offer this style of clothing. @suburblawns on Depop is an example of a reliable seller with amazing clothes to offer for this genre of style.


              A college girl’s favorite, comfy style is amazing for study days, movie nights and honestly just perfect for every day. Some style staples are sweatpants, comfy sweaters and cute sweatshirts. There are a lot of great sustainable brands that sell this type of clothing, but a top option is Girlfriend Collective. Not only are they super size-inclusive, but they recycle a lot of materials, such as old water bottles and fishnets, to make their clothing. A slightly more affordable alternative is Los Angeles Apparel, which is U.S. based and supports the ethical pay and treatment of workers. Both are examples of sustainable brands to support during your next online shopping excursion. 






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