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Alone for Valentine’s Day? Take Yourself Out on a Date

Valentine’s Day celebrates togetherness from a relationship. For those who are single that day, the holiday could remind us of our loneliness without a significant other. Being lonely really doesn’t matter, since you always have yourself. You’re always there for everything that comes along, and you’ve already experienced the ups and downs of your past. That’s something to be celebrated for!

You can celebrate yourself by taking yourself on a date this Valentine’s Day in the following ways:

Get a Table for One at a Restaurant or Cafe

Going to a restaurant by yourself may seem intimidating, but it probably isn’t all that different from eating by yourself at home. You can interact with just the servers at the restaurants, or enjoy solitude with the grab-and-go system from a cafe. 

Go Beaching (My personal favorite!)

I’m a bit biased to this idea since I’m lucky to stay on an island nowadays. No one realizes how relaxing it is taking in the sunrays and hearing the waves while being by yourself. You can stay on the sand as long as you like and prop up a book or listen to music while you tan. Feel free to go beaching later in the day so that you can take in the sunset too!

Visit a Museum 

This is a self-paced option with tons of beautiful artwork and architecture to see. It allows you to ponder about the deeper meanings of pieces and connect with an artist. 

Shop at a Your Local Markets

Get in touch with local shops and grab some produce grown near you. Maybe pick up some flowers for yourself since we tend to beg our significant others for them on this day. 

Go Hiking

Venturing out to different hiking trails brings you closer to nature. You may discover more about where you live.

Have Your Own Girl’s Night

Watch your favorite show or movie on Netflix and chill by yourself. It’ll be fun to pour a drink or cook your favorite meal before putting on face masks for the night. 

Go Shopping or Thrifting

Who doesn’t love new things? Try on new clothes that seem out of your style and experiment with mixing and matching different color schemes. Updating your wardrobe is just one way to up your self-esteem. 

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a day where those who recently broke up with someone or just choose to enjoy the single life are left out. Just like any other day, it can remind people of how they deserve love, even if that love comes from within themselves. Taking yourself out doesn’t have to break the bank or force you out of your comfort zone. The relationship with yourself is the most important, and understanding your limits and interests helps establish what you want for a date.

Francheska is a graduating undergrad senior at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and Her Campus Hawaiʻiʻs Social Media Director. She double majors in Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. To connect more with her, check out her instagram at @frxn.chess.
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