Top 5 Study Spots for Finals Week

Looking for a place to get your study grind on this finals week? Look no further! Below we have listed the top 5 places to study during finals week.

Study Rooms in Magill

While it may seem scary, try branching out to different floors of Magill this week. You’ll be amazed at the study places that you find! Recently, the library unveiled yet another study room to the third tier. In addition to a few rooms on the fourth tier, there are now plenty of study areas to choose from. The only downside? These study rooms are highly coveted during finals week, so you may need to wake up a little early to get to them! 

Phillips Wing in Magill

All of the study rooms taken? Magill’s Phillips Wing is the perfect place for studying that lends a quiet atmosphere. The Phillips Wing is ideal because it’s off of the main tier, so chances are people won’t be walking through as much so it’s much less distracting. Be sure to bring a jacket, sometimes the Phillips Wing can get a little drafty!

Science Library group rooms

If you are looking for the perfect group study area where you don’t have to worry about being too loud, the Science Library study rooms are perfect. The whiteboards here are great study tools to use with friends. These study rooms have a tendency to go quickly also. If you think you and your friends would really benefit from this room, go ahead and schedule a time by contacting the science library!  


The Coop may be one of the more underrated places to work during finals. The key is to go at a point in the day when it won’t be crowded and noisy. Luckily, since we don’t have class during finals, you can find the best time for you! The tables by the big windows in the back are typically too dark at night to get any real work down. However, during the day, these provide great natural light and lots of room to spread out and do work!

Stokes Computer Lab

The Stokes Computer Lab is located on the second floor and is a great place to head if you have a paper to write. In particular, these computers can be helpful to pull up sources while you work on the paper on your own personal computer. Be sure to check out the hours for the computer lab as it isn’t open as late as the libraries.