Stephen W. Handlon

Name: Stephen W. Handlon                                                  
Year: 2013
Major: History
Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota
Relationship status: Taken :p
How are you involved at Haverford?
Classes, getting as much money from the school as possible and the occasional Lunt party. I also write for Haverford publications.
Any plans for Valentine’s Day?
I am dressing up and going out to eat in center city Philly with my boyfriend.
What was your favorite Grammy’s performance?
Adele! We’ve been through a lot of together.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Getting lost. Sometimes I actually get lost on campus. I have literally no sense of direction. That was more fun in Paris.

You are most likely to be spotted on campus at….
McGill library. Yikes.

Favorite place to eat-out around Haverford?
Sometimes I say I’m going to church and go to Du Jour instead. Does that count?