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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Haverford chapter.

You’re done with the memes, but you totally still checkout those dank Bernie ones 


Your friend agrees to pregame the debate with you


You explaining how evil Trump is 


Some days you’re ready to die for your candidate


But other days you’d rather have someone else take the mic and just be backup


You are invalidated and generalized as a young voter 


Cruz’s personality and face making everybody be like


Trump be like 


Every time you school someone in a comment section, class discussion, or DC conversation


Somebody brings up the election when you are not in the mood


Somebody says, “You know Trump does make some valid points…”


You listening to your candidate speak 

When you start getting involved and remember voter registration is a thing 


When your friends join you in your political activism 


When your candidate wins because you and your friends got involved and remembered voter registration is a thing


Less than 25% of you (18-29 year olds) will actually vote in a presidential election and about 10% less of you (18-29 year olds) will vote in local mid term elections where turnout matters the most and where the results will affect our everyday lives exponentially more. While it’s easier to brush it off, think about stepping up. You don’t have to be a Hamilton level revolutionary, but you can at the very least try and stay informed and definitely mail in or show up and vote. 

That way on election night we can be like this


Instead of us having to be like this



Credz to http://www.electproject.org and https://www.census.gov for the stats. 

~Xoxo Bridgie B


Bridget Galvin is a first year at Haverford College from Anchorage, Alaska. Bridget binges alone and doesn't know how to say no to a plain glazed doughnut. When she's not explaining to people that she cannot see Russia from her house and that she has never used sled dogs to get to school every morning, Bridget enjoys writing songs, listening to podcasts, and eating tea cookies.