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Larry Guo is a man of many talents. While a junior at Harvard college studying Computer Science, he is also a soloist in a co-ed a cappella group, The Opportunes; a dancer in Expressions Dance Company; the treasurer of the Harvard Undergraduate BGLTQ Business Society (HUBBS); and a leader for the Freshman Outdoor Program (FOP). On top of that, he's a recently-naturalized, first generation Chinese American citizen, a gamer, and a fashionista with a refined, workout-chic aesthetic. It would be difficult not be impressed by of all of Larry's trades, and yet he maintains a level head and a humble disposition.

"You can portray me however you want. Vapid bitch totally works. Or ruthless tech CEO."

Larry's edgy humor – and edgier fashion is part of his charm. Although he refuses to recognize himself as a style icon, he does acknowledge he has come a long way.

"When I was in middle school in high school, I struggled with figuring out what to wear. I wanted to dress 'well,' but it felt like everything that was considered 'good clothing' was very masculine, and that was offputting. I don't like putting on button downs or suits because of how Western and masculine they are. Then, when I came to college, I experimented with ways I could wear things that look put together aesthetically but aren't traditionally gendered. Usually, I just throw on frumpy shit, but it looks okay because they're all the same color."

For a student running between dance, the art studio, and office hours, it makes sense to be stylish with ease.

Many Harvard students are overbooked and overqualified, but what sets Larry apart is the excitement with which he lives his day-to-day life. "I really like the stuff that I do, and the people," he assures me. Seeing as Larry spends over 10 hours a week on his extracurriculars, and at least 10 more on classes, it's important that he likes everything into which he puts time and energy. "I almost added like ten extra things to my schedule, but I'm glad I didn't," he jokes. 

Larry is also pursuing his secondary in Visual and Environmental Sciences, an artist in every sense of the word. A photographer and painter, he applies his unique style to his craft. At a gallery showing earlier in the school year, Larry's pieces included everything from vibrant shots of a BDSM festival and a close-up of an armpit. His art, much like his personality, is bold and unapologetically candid. He hopes to combine this passion for the high arts with his interest in business. "I'm interested in the psychology of how business works, and I've combined that with my interest in art by pursuing a career in design," he explains.

"If I had a really basic Instagram bio, it would say 'Designer. Artist. Entrepreneur.' Or something weird like that."

But aside from the hard work and the glitz and glam, Larry is a loyal friend and confidant to many. One friend of his friends confides:

"He strikes the perfect balance of being the friend you go to for encouragement and the friend you go to when you need to complain, cry, and gossip. He's genuinely an empath, sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of those around him and willing and eager to hear other perspectives. I don't what I'd do without him, his support, and his wacky sense of dry humor."

All in all, most Harvard students could benefit from a lesson in style, humor, and humillity from Larry Guo.

Kat is a senior at Harvard concentrating in Social Anthropology. She's an a cappella nerd, a hip hop dancer, and a lover of any and all Mexican food.
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