10 Crazy Catchy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs

20. Maybe She's Not Such a Heinous Bitch After All



19. The Math of Love Triangles



18. Miracle of Birth



17. (Tell Me I'm Okay) Patrick



16. Scary Scary Sexy Lady



15. You Stupid Bitch



14. After Everything I've Done For You



13. I Go To the Zoo



12. JAP Battle



11. Sexy Getting Ready Song



10. Sexy French Depression



9. Buzzing From the Bathroom



8. This Session Is Going Too Be Different



7. Oh My God I Think I Like You



6. Feeling Kinda Naughty



5. Strip Away My Conscience 



4. We Tapped That Ass



3. Gave You a UTI



2. Who's the New Guy



1. Settle for Me