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Campus Celebrity: The UHa Cow

HC: What drove you to make your first appearance on campus last year?

AG: I chose to make my first appearance on campus because STN2 had asked me to be in a news story on their April Fools show. They wanted to talk about how the campus was starting a cow tipping class…but I’m still trying to find the humor in that. One day I was outside waiting for filming to begin, and someone had asked if I wanted to go get a hamburger with them. Curious of what a hamburger was, I followed them upstairs to GSU and ordered a cheeseburger – with the help of a friend, ‘cause it was hard to order with hooves. It was amazing. Then I found out what it was made of. NEVER AGAIN.  I can’t stress to students enough that they should eat the chicken tenders from Burger Studio instead of the burgers. Veggie burgers are also acceptable. Maybe I would eat one more cheeseburger, because it was tasty.


HC: Why don’t you appear more often?

AG: Well, when I do appear, students always joke about cow tipping and that is one of my worst fears. I really do enjoy walking around campus and grazing the wonderful grassy areas by GSU and HJG building though. Most of the students here are all so friendly and kind to an older cow like me, and that’s why none of that can keep me away from UHA. The only reason I don’t show up as much as I’d like is honestly my farmer. I have to jump a fence or find an open gate, then sneak away from the farm and make it here without getting caught by any humans. If they see me, I might get picked up by the farmer and brought back to the farm. I have to pick my timing very carefully. I often swim down the Hog River but I’m thinking of getting a raft. Rafting looks fun.


HC: Where do you reside?

AG: I am actually a commuter, I live on a nearby farm. I walk here most days. As I stated before, I often jump the fence and run as fast as I can in order to get here. It sounds easy, but a 1350 lb. cow like myself needs huge muscles in order to jump a wire fence and not crush it. That being said, rumor has it I can jump higher than any cow in my barn.


HC: You got mentioned on “Uhart Crushes” last semester, how did that make you feel?

AG: I remember exactly what I thought. Someone showed it to me, and I noticed it started with “mmmmmmm”. I wasn’t sure if this was like an “I’m licking my lips…can’t wait to have a cheeseburger” kind of “mmmmmmm” or the “I’d like me a piece of that cow if you know what I mean” kind of “mmmmmmm”. I’m not really sure who it was or what they really meant, but I really hope it was sent from somebody who would actually come up and talk to me if they saw me on campus. I love getting to talk to students.

HC: How would you like to see your fan base grow?

AG: I would like to see my fan page grow with pictures like this one.

You can see in it me and my friends (Shout out to Sir Loin and T-Bone), as well as some of my fans. Honestly, I’m a cow, so obviously Howie and I are really close friends. He knows the struggle of being an on campus celebrity/animal. So he and I talk often. If students don’t want to check out the fun things that happen to and with me, they’re missing out. I’m starting this thing called Twitter too so students can see the things I tweet by following me @UHACow.


HC: How would you like your popularity to grow?

AG: Well, I mean, all I try to do is bring a smile to students’ faces. It’s not every day that students see a cow as good looking as myself drinking from the Hog River or fertilizing the campus gardens for facilities. So, I would like it to grow because I can bring a smile to people and sometimes that’s just exactly what they need. I guess you can say I’m just a big softy.

Ashleigh Kaufman is a sophomore communications major with an emphasis in media and journalism. Ashleigh is a general assignment for STN2, the news station on campus
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