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Campus Celebrity: Amanda Zwirn ’14

HC: What has being a part of the Student Television Network meant for you?

AZ: It meant having a chance to gain experience in the industry before my first internship. A lot of kids who want to go into television don’t have a chance to really know what it’s like until they get an internship. When you go to a school with a television station that’s open to students to freely try, even if you’re only slightly interested in television…I think it would be a dumb decision to not give it shot at STN first. It created a stepping stone for me that helped me gain multiple internships, which lead to scoring a job before I even graduated. It also meant a way to make some great friendships with people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

HC: What will you be doing after graduation in May?

AZ: Hopefully working full time. I recently got a job as a part time producer for a station in Springfield. I’m hoping to be moved to full time shortly after I graduate.

HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

AZ: Realistically…producing dayside at a station either in Connecticut or Rhode Island. 

HC: What is your dream career?

AZ: Probably producing for a late night talk show, such as the Tonight Show, or Late Night. I would love to be a segment producer, or line producer for a show like that, and still get to live in the city I grew up in. 

HC: What would be your piece of advice for students looking into the field of broadcasting?

AZ: Learn to plan…but don’t be too thrown when that plan doesn’t work out how you thought it would. I realize that is an oxymoron…but that’s the lifestyle.

Ashleigh Kaufman is a sophomore communications major with an emphasis in media and journalism. Ashleigh is a general assignment for STN2, the news station on campus
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