7 Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is approaching fast, and if you are anything like me, you planned to put together an amazing costume, but time has managed to miraculously slip away.

Now you are stuck with an old costume form last year, or a chic costume-in-a-bag right?


Here are some last minute group costume ideas that are easy to make with a quick run to the mall, or by raiding your own closet.


  1. Minions


Ideal: This totally cute minion tank dress from Wet Seal:



But unless you want to pay ten dollars to expedite shipping, not likely.




Idea: Pull out a yellow tube top, jean shorts, some hipster glasses, swing over to hot topic where you are guaranteed to find suspenders, and you are all set! If you can find actual overalls too, even better!


All except suspenders can be found at forever21.com





2. Disney Princesses






Idea: Go Hipster!




Use these as inspiration to make the princesses modern and use what’s already in your own closet. It’s also a good idea to add ironic signs around your neck to identify who you are. i.e. “Be your guest? Oh, Please.” for Belle etc.



  1. Hunger Games


Ideal:  Although a bought costume like this one would work,


who doesn’t have combat boots and a leather jacket? If you coordinate who’s who in your group, together you could be pretty recognizable.


An outgoing group of Hunger Games fans could look amazing as Capitol people too.

These costumes could be anything bright in your wardrobe, as long as hair and makeup are outrageous!



4. IPod Nanos




Make these fun dresses by using a tube dress as a base, and either buying some iron on appliqués, or printing and cutting the shapes from paper to pin onto your dress! An original idea that would be great for a group of girls.




5. Twister












Especially for this costume, the DIY option is cuter than the original! Cut an actual Twister Game Board into a large circle, then cut a hole in the middle the size of your waist. Roll and cut to your desired length, pair with a cute tank top, and you are good to go!



  1. Care Bears:









Cut an old sweatshirt’s sleeves off and use extras to make ears. be creative and draw whatever design you’d like on an iron on appliqué, or use paper.





  1.  Spice Girls:



Ideal:  Throw back to everybody’s favorite British Girl Band






Anything pink with pig tails for Baby Spice, cheetah and big hair for Scary, Red and a British Flag for Ginger (Boas always a plus) a classy dress for Posh and something Sporty for Sporty. Voilà you’ve spiced up your life.


Lastly, if you have too much time on your hands, people riding a roller coaster is always an option.





Remember to be confident in whatever costume you’re wearing and have a great night. Happy Halloween!