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How the “Scary Movie” Collection Combined Humor and Horror

In the year 2000, the Scary Movie movie collection changed the culture of Halloween by introducing comedy to a season of horror, with a dark humorous twist. The movie includes an implied metaphor with the title, suggesting the movie is scary but instead a parody. Scary Movie was originally released as a one-segment movie, however, fans loved their rendition of the parody to the horror movie Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Exorcist, and many more. Scary Movie had the ability to highlight the parts of horror movies that viewers found witty or funny, you know the part of the movie scene where you yell, “Don’t go through that door!” as they walk through the scary forbidden door.  The collection of movies use spoofs known as reference films where they highlight a horror trope recreating scenes from other famous movies adding funny sound effects. The Scary Movie collection highlighted spoofs from movies like The Sixth Sense, where actor Marlon Wayans says “I see dead people.” 

The collection continued for 13 years, creating movies one through five, and completing the last movie with a roman numeral. Each movie had a comedic twist of a different horror movie. The second movie included multiple horrors of popular teen movies adding dark comedic twists. The collection had a unique way of having a diverse cast of comedians and actors launching their careers. 

Now that Halloween is slowly approaching, it’s the perfect time to spark your horror with humor. 

Miah Cox

Hampton U '23

Miah A. Cox is a third-year journalism student from Beckley, West Virginia. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree at Hampton University. She is currently a part of a multitude of organizations at the University including the His Chosen Sounds Gospel Choir, HerCampus Magazine, and the news station WHOVTV. Miah currently focuses on writing for each of these organizations including the Virginia Peninsula Media Magazine, where she displays her determination, wittiness, and curiosity within each writing experience. Her worldview of life is driven by The Gospel, with this she dedicates her life to actions of purpose. Miah enjoys singing, yoga, and using her barista talents at Starbucks!
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