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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at GWU chapter.

The school year is entirely in swing! Although it’s exciting to return to campus, preparing everything you need for the school year can be challenging. With fall ahead, here are some things you’ll want in your dorm room this year!

A nice blanket is a must in your dorm this fall; even though it is still hot, you will want layers As the weather chills! Not only are they so comfortable, but they are also great for bedroom decor! Creating a bed space you love is vital to an excellent dorm room. Make sure you add everything you need when the seasons get cold! The best place to get blankets like this is Target. There is a Target located in Rosslyn, which is a quick metro trip away. Throw pillows are also a great way to tie your room together this fall; they can make you more comfortable and your dorm room cuter.

Big Blanket Co.

Lighting is so important, especially since it gets darker earlier in the winter. Adding a cute lamp to your desk can perfectly tie the room together and make it feel brighter. A lighted mirror is a must for your dorm room! This is useful when it comes to getting ready early in the morning, especially since dorm lighting is so fluorescent. These mirrors range in all sizes, making them easy to keep on your desk or storage spaces! You can find these mirrors on Amazon; linked is one that is perfect for any dorm!

This year a Britta, a reusable water bottle, and reusable straws are the best things to have in your dorm room. Using plastic water bottles and straws becomes a hassle and it isn’t good for the environment! Britta filters and reusable straws can be found anywhere, including at CVS and Amazon. Reusable straws usually come with a bristle cleaner making it easy to wash them in your dorm room sink. They are portable and the best when you are on the go!

Because we cannot have candles in campus housing, a must for this fall is an essential oil diffuser, or a fragrance diffuser. It’s nice to have some way to bring fun fall scents into your dorm room! You’ll find delightful scents on Amazon or even at TJ Maxx. These also range in various sizes, so it is easy to find one that fits best in your dorm room. Having a diffuser is a great way to bring in the fall spirit!

Storage is needed, especially as it gets colder; you will want space you can utilize for winter jackets, boots, and other things you will need in the future. Storage ottomans are the perfect option as they will fit into the room decor while keeping things intact. They come in various sizes and colors; they also range in price.

With an exciting school year ahead, it’s vital to prepare for the whole year. Make sure to coordinate with your roommate so everything can be cohesive in your dorm. Adding these things can make your dorm feel more like home, and you can be ready for the fall!

Britney LaVecchia is a sophomore at GW from Darien, Connecticut. She is studying Journalism and Mass communication with a minor in marketing. Britney is on this year's e-board as secretary. She is also a member of the GW cheer team! In her free time, Britney can be found hanging out with friends, going for walks, or binge-watching tv shows.