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With winter right around the corner, it’s time to cross the last of your fall activities off your to-do list. Even with the sudden cold weather, there are still a bunch of activities you can do to keep you in that fall mood. 

1- Take a walk

Nothing puts you in a fall mood like a nice walk through a park or even your school’s campus! Get your headphones, your favourite fall playlist, and a warm drink as you take that stroll and enjoy the fall scenery.

2- Café Run

Go around your town or even school campus and search for the best fall drink. Whether it’s pumpkin spice, apple cider, or a fall flavoured latte, bring your taste buds for the last fall flavours of the season. 

3- Visit a nearby town

With the gorgeous, coloured leaves falling off trees, now is the perfect time to visit a nearby town or city you’ve never been to before to discover how their fall differs from yours! 

4- Bonfire

Although you can have a bonfire in the winter (with some difficulty), now’s the perfect time to cross having a bonfire off your list! Grab a blanket and some smores and enjoy the warmth.

5- Black Friday Shopping

Unfortunately, fall comes to an end at some point. The perfect way to celebrate the end of fall is with the Black Friday sale. Buy the last of your favourite fall goodies (hopefully in bulk) and pick up a few Christmas items on your way out the door! 

Talisa is a first year Criminal Justice student at the University of Guelph. Talisa loves reading and has an unhealthy addiction to the show Criminal Minds. She is very passionate about books, lifestyle, makeup, music and food. You can usually find her either curled up in bed reading a good book or inside a café drinking a Chai Tea Late.
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