The First Day of the Next Four Years

When I imagined myself walking into the university for my first time, trumpets were playing in the background, a red carpet was perfectly laid out for me, and a Greek god-like upper year student would take me by the hand and guide me through orientation week, and everything would be marshmallows and unicorn poops. Instead, I was late, got on the wrong go bus, didn’t realize it until I reached Toronto, and then I started panicking. Yet, I was still optimistic about my first day and found my way around after bribing a bus driver with my sandwich because apparently, I didn’t have “sufficient funds”. I still miss that cheese sandwich sometimes.

As I got off the bus, the brisk air and the realization that I was a strong independent woman heading off to university gave me the courage to meet new people the entire day, face my fears, and hope for the best possible first day imaginable. That obviously didn’t end up happening. Instead, as I stepped off the bus, I was attacked by a squirrel. A squirrel. Yes, turns out there is a plethora of them at the bus drop off station. Don’t be fooled by their cutesy faces and bushy tails, they are vicious tiny ninjas that would do anything for deez nuts! To be very clear, I am not inferring that the squirrel was after my nuts because I don’t have nuts, I was referring to a popular meme in a desperate attempt to be funny…

Anyways - back to my first day.  Catching the wrong bus and being attacked by a vicious squirrel made me late for my first lecture (I know, shocking), but I wasn’t going to miss my first lecture even if I was 45 minutes late! So, as I walked in trying to fix my bag strap and opened the heavy door, I was greeted with everyone’s faces turned towards me and a very annoyed professor who decided to ask me about my name, my courses, and “what are my interests” in front of 600 students. Safe to say, I was pretty fed up with this day and I wanted to go home and just move to Nepal and live as a goat. But something interesting happened as I was walking mindlessly through the University Centre. I saw a group of fourth-year students who were studying together. I overheard them talking about how they wish they were back in first-year and how they wish they would have enjoyed their time at the university more knowing that this was their last year before they become a part of the working world. Listening to them made me realize that I didn’t want any regrets when it was my turn to walk around the University Centre on my last day here.

So, I stopped moping around, went to my Psychology lecture (which is my favourite subject), and made a mental note to introduce myself to everyone around me. I took the right bus home and a cheese sandwich was waiting for me as I reached home. As I drifted off to sleep, I felt the familiar feeling of nervousness, but it was also accompanied by excitement for the next four years of adventure to come.