Best Items to Buy at Dollarama

  • Chocolate/Candy

Besides Bulk Barn, the best spot to purchase sweets is the Dollarama store. They’re typically cheaper and just as delicious!

  • School Supplies

Surprisingly, Dollarama is a great spot to get stationery. Pens, pencils, paper, you name it! I think the best buy is cue cards because you get 100 colour coded cards for only a buck.

  • Cleaning Supplies

Save yourself the headache of spending way too much money on cleaning supplies by grabbing your cleaning essentials from Dollarama. Dish soap, paper towels, etc., are all great products you can get here. While you’re at it, grab any kitchenware you need too!

  • Beauty Products

I always head straight for the hair and makeup aisle when I enter the store. Not only do they have wax strips that actually work as well as if you were going to a salon, but the endless supply of hair elastics and bobby pins are to die for.

  • Crafts

If you’re looking to relax and do some crafts, pick up supplies for a club event, or even doing a homemade Christmas gift, the best place to check is the craft section. They have a wide variety of paints, easels, and bracelet making kits!