We Tried K-Beauty's Innisfree Facial Products, A Natural Beauty Product Review

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Gather up all of your coins ladies! Korean cosmetic line Innisfree is coming for our wallets with their natural skincare products. 


Out of all our many daily routines, skin care is the most important. What’s better than having naturally smooth, clear, and glowing skin?

The Korean beauty products have natural ingredients such as green tea, seaweed, and SPF that promote healthy skin. The goal of Korean beauty products is to achieve a dewy and brightening look without having to put on loads of makeup. Perfect for the summer!

Korean skincare products have been the talk around beauty town for quite some time. According to BBC News, South Korean women spend twice as much of their income on beauty products and make-up than their American counterparts. So, what have we been truly missing out on? Americans would like to know the tea regarding healthy skin care. 

Innisfree is a Korean makeup company dedicated to skin care. Their natural ingredients come from Korea’s Jeju Island that contains fresh and pure resources for the skin. To maintain a safe natural environment for these many ingredients, Innisfree does not use harmful chemicals in their products.

After reading all of the great benefits this product holds, I was super excited to get my hands on the sample products.

I applied the “my real squeeze face mask,” intensive hydrating serum and intensive hydrating eye cream on my face the night before a big performance. All of these products contain green tea extract to promote moisture and nourishment for the skin. I wanted to look refreshed and bright when I woke up that morning and indeed, I did! 

 Photo by Sierra Jenkins


I first washed my face with African Black Soap and placed the soothing sheet mask over my entire face. After cleaning the kitchen for 20 minutes, I finally took the mask off. 

Instead of washing my face, I gently rubbed the product into my skin in a circular motion to stimulate the skin. After I let my face air dry, I applied the intensive hydrating serum on my entire face. Then I proceeded to use the eye cream applying it below my eyes to uplift and brighten them.

Next Day Results

When I woke up that morning, I immediately could see the difference in my skin. My pores appeared a lot smaller, my skin was naturally glowing, and although it was 6 a.m., my under eyes did not look as tired as they usually do.

I washed my face again with African Black Soap and applied the intensive hydration moisturizer. As a naturally oily girl, I was scared of how my face would look at the end of the day. Amazingly, my face stayed dewy and never became oily.



The face mask is a must purchase because it’s affordable and effective for $1.80. Can you say A STEAL?! 

The Intensive hydrating serum is a must need if you can afford the product. The serum retails for $25. This product guarantees glowing skin after only one day of use. 

If you tend to get bags under your eyes after a long day, I would purchase the intensive hydration eye cream. Its creamy texture provides a smooth and soft application, which is necessary for the under eyes. The cream retails for $23.

Summer is approaching and naturally, dewy skin is the new look. I would recommend sampling these products before purchasing them to ensure they suit your skin type. 

As part of the oily skin community, I give this line an 8 out of 10. The cost of the cream and serum are pricey and there are many other natural skin products that can give you the same effect for a cheaper price. BUT product wise, the formula is fantastic and leaves the skin moisturized all day.   

It is not easy to stumble across natural skin care products that perform well throughout the day. I would recommend Innisfree to all of my naturalistas!