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It’d Be a Crime Not to Know Rebekah Grimes

Name: Rebekah Grimes

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: I was born in Bowling Green, KY, and I lived in Salisbury, MD up until fourth grade. Then, my family moved to Santa Clarita, CA, and I live in Agua Dulce, CA now. 

Major/Minor: History

Activities: Quiz Bowl, Beginner’s Dungeons and Dragons League, Writing House Member 

Relationship Status: Single 

Position at HC: Writer

Favorite HC Article So Far: I really liked the article where the author discussed how the Kardashians are not good role models. Very in-depth and a joy to read.

Favorite Survival Kit: Back to School 2017. 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. 

Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Servo Cookie: Lemon White Chocolate. I am such a fiend for them that my best friend smuggled some out of Servo for me one weekend. 

Favorite Color: Silver. A surprising number of people don’t consider silver a color, so that makes for some interesting conversations. 

Favorite TV Show Character: The 11th Doctor from Doctor Who. Matt Smith brought such age to the role while also being the youngest actor to take on the role. 

Favorite Sports Team: The Dallas Cowboys. 

Favorite Season: Winter. 

Any Future Articles You Want to Write? Anything involving coverage of evolving news stories and campus news. Covering news and working to keep other students updated on what is happening on campus.

Favorite Article I’ve Written? The top one is my Heritage vs. Hate article discussing the Confederate Flag’s place on Gettysburg’s campus.  

Top Three Bucket List Items:

  1. Publish my book.
  2. Tour the White House.
  3. Attend a pride parade with an Ace Pride Squad.