Zodiac Dreams: Pisces Woman (February 19th-March 20th)

Imagine a girl with such an exquisite nature. A girl that lights the room up with just her presence. She's the mysterious girl in the room that captures everyone’s attention. With her bright smile and big beautiful eyes, it's really hard to miss her. 
Imagine a girl with a heart of gold. A girl who gives freely and loves unconditionally. She's truly one of a kind. She's the girl that will be your biggest cheerleader and biggest supporter. Although, her encouraging words may come off as motherly at times, it's only because she truly wants the best for her family, friends, and loved ones. 
Imagine a girl who's shy and coy nature may have you puzzled at first, but when you get to know her she's the life of the party. Always laughing and always smiling, she's the girl you can't wait to contact every day. She's the girl who will make you feel like you are truly special. The girl that will go above and beyond just for you. The girl who would rather see the people she genuinely loves happy before herself. 
With such a sweet nature, it should never be mistaken for stupidity or weakness. If the wrong buttons are pressed, her feisty and blunt side will come out. It's a side of her that rarely ever shows, but when it does it's not a pretty sight. She's never mad for too long though due to her forgiving nature which happens to be one of her best and worst characteristics. 
She may get the nickname of a “five stage clinger”, but will quickly cut someone off if she feels she's no longer needed or wanted. She constantly battles with who is truly genuine in her life and who is not. With her trusting nature sometimes she doesn't always listen to the signs of her own intuition. Sometimes she has to learn the hard way, but her strong spirit quickly bounces back once given some time to heal. 
She loves life. Constantly dreaming about her future and pondering on her past. She's always in her dream world. She may also get the nickname of the “crybaby” of the group, but if surrounded by the right people she will quickly learn to grow a tough skin. She's the girl that seems like she has it all figured out, but is still trying to find her place in life.
When in love, she falls head over heels. She's picky with her lovers and only truly gives her all to the ones she truly loves. With her jovial and playful spirit, she’s the girl that will have you laughing for hours. 
She's the girl all the other girls envy, she's the girl you will fall head over heels for, she's the girl that will light up a room, she's the girl who keeps everyone smiling, she's the girl who's heart is a little too big.
That girl is you.
-Happy Birthday to all the Pisces Ladies out there!
(February 19th-March 20th)