ATL Rapper Young Dro Performs at Georgia Southern University

The Young Dro Concert took place on Saturday, Aug. 27, at the PAC ending with the Atlanta rapper being arrested and given multiple charges.

The concert was ran by faculty from Georgia Southern that was promoted by local promotional teams and different on-campus organizations. They are choosing to keep their affiliations with the concert anonymous. It was reported that at least ten acts performed before Young Dro actually came out to perform on stage.

“Being at the Young Dro concert was fun, it was cool to have an artist on campus. I felt bad that his audience was smaller than expected”, Kayla Harris, sophomore, engineering major,  said. Georgia Southern is known for bringing artists down to perform in the past such as Lady Antebellum, Ludacris, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and the Migos. Each were a great turn out up until the Migos were arrested shortly after their performance due to illegal activity. Georgia Southern has limited on-campus concerts since then.

The acts before Young Dro were a mixture of artists from the Atlanta, Statesboro, and Savannah area. These performances ranged from dance acts all the way to rapping and singing acts. When Dro graced the stage, he performed many songs that were once popular hit singles such as “FDB”, “Shoulder Lean”, and “We in Da City”. The former hit single “We in Da City” was a popular song amongst the crowd.

“It was really cool that he came down! Considering the fact he is a mainstream rapper and he has been making music for years now”, Jada Brassell, junior, exercise-science major, said.

When the upcoming event was announced, there were different views about bringing Young Dro down. Some students were huge Young Dro fans versus some who were indifferent about him coming. “I honestly did not know many songs that he performed, and not that many people were in attendance, so I did not think it was a good idea to bring him down”, Symone Sommerville, junior, nursing major, said.

Whether his audience was large or not, Young Dro still made a big scene not only on the stage but off the stage as well. After Dro’s short performance, he and his entourage quickly left the stage due to another scheduled concert. Unfortunately as they began to leave, police officers asked to search their car due to the speculation of illegal substances.

Soon a crowd evolved, watching and recording what was taking place. “It was a fun performance and everyone was having fun enjoying the night, and I feel like the police bombarded us with a whirlwind of negative energy”, Anna Danielle said. Due to their commotion they were shortly asked to clear the premises. According to sources, the school was in fear of students being questioned and then portraying Georgia Southern University in a poor light.

It was later reported from Bulloch County that Young Dro and his entourage were arrested for possession of having a firearm on campus, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance,  and having the possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. Later that week, it became known in Statesboro that Young Dro was denied his bond after his first court appearance.

The first Summer Jam at Georgia Southern University took some unexpected turns, and now the current question in play is will there be another.