Why Traveling with Your S.O. is the Healthiest Thing for Your Relationship

By: Courtney Boone

One of the best things to come out of my current relationship is my new sense of adventure, all thanks to my S.O. Right before we met, he actually drove across the country with his best friend from D.C. to Portland and he’s always lived with a “just go with it” attitude. I, on the other hand, cringe at the idea of not having an itinerary and research whenever we go somewhere. By our second trip together, I loved seeing how much we bonded and learned about one another by being in a new city. Traveling somewhere new exposes your relationship to unexpected challenges and adventures. It also gives you insight into just how compatible you really are.

You learn your S.O.’s quirky habits

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If you can travel, I promise you your relationship can make it. Whether it’s snoring, over packing or realizing your S.O. brings extra toiletries because they know you always forget yours, little habits and quirks will start to show. You get to know someone pretty well in a tiny room for an extended period of time. Make the most of it. See if your messy habits don’t drive one another insane.

You see how well you can cope with pressure together

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Ever ended up on the New York City subway at 11 PM on St. Patrick’s Day by yourself? Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. But, I’m a naturally anxious person and my boyfriend was totally calm the entire time. He navigated us through several subway transfers and found me a pizza place that, to this day, is one of the best I’ve ever eaten at.

You learn from the other person

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I don’t know how my S.O. does it, but he is the master of finding 4-star hotels for 60% off. I may never be that skilled, but he’s shown me how to find a good deal and stay within our budget. He’s taught me to be confident in new environments and for that, I will always be grateful. He even taught me how to use Uber. Basic survival skill, much?  

You set the same future goals

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Once you get bit by the travel bug together, it changes your spending outlook. We quit eating out as much and looked forward to saving for our next adventure.

You challenge one another

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I’m am absolutely terrified of heights, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to work on. My S.O. dragged me to the top of One World Trade Center in New York and to this day the views were worth the mild panic attack. I, personally, like to shove weird food at him and pout until he tries it.

You experience new things together

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There’s always that moment when you travel where everything stands still and you just soak up the views. Now imagine experiencing that with someone you love. Talk about a bonding moment.

Collegiettes, invest in a scratch map of the world to track your adventures together. You’ll be glad you did.