Why It’s Time to Get to Know Your Floor

Like a good friend group, your floor is there for you 24/7. For the memes. For the breakdowns. For the lack of quiet hours mid-week when you have three hours of lab the next day. And if it seems to you I’m implying your floor should be synonymous with your friend group, well, that’s because I am.

I came into college this year with the full goal of living my best life. That’s the only goal you really need, IMO. In high school, my social life was totally insufficient for keeping my mental health in check. It was far too simple to stay in my room and pretend that I, an extrovert, needed minimal human interaction to thrive. It’s time to function at 110% instead of at a mildly okay threshold of happiness.

If you want to meet people on your floor but can’t get past awkward nods in the hallways,  then behold! The solution: Live in the common room. Seriously. Take half of your belongings and waddle down the hall to claim some real estate. You’ll have forty new friends by the end of the week. Remember: half of friendship is just being available. If you never venture into your common room, you might be sleeping on some 10/10 human beings.

There’s something magical about the relationships you have with your floormates. There’s always someone available for support. Whether you need a good snack, knowledge about frog species in your area, or your printer runs out of ink at one AM, you’ve got a friend a door or two over that can help. You’ll only understand how valuable this is when you’re having a bad day and someone is right there to pick you up, no questions asked.

My other favorite part of floor bonding is the spontaneity that comes with bringing people of different majors, schedules and interests together in one space. Maybe it’s an impromptu nail polish night or an adventure to the library. Always keep in mind the golden opportunity to go to the dining hall six times a day, each time with a new set of faces. You’ll be surprised how much you’re getting out of your comfort zone just to have more time with your favorite people.

Meet some friends! College would not be college without the people you meet, and you’re definitely at college for a reason. Whatever your goals are, know your whole floor is right there to support you. You need only introduce yourself.