Why Chelsea Handler is #LifeGoals

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I’m in mourning. Chelsea Handler recently announced the end of her Netflix talk show Chelsea. For the last two years, Chelsea has been how I have ended my days. I turn to her for a reminder to laugh more, drink more and date more. Oh, and to give fewer fucks about what other people think. That’s the most important one.

Chelsea cites her frustration with our political climate as her motivation to become more civically engaged and vows to help more women become elected to public office with Emily’s List. If that commitment alone is not enough to make you love Chelsea, just wait, because there’s more.

Chelsea’s critics call her loud, obnoxious, uneducated, reckless.. the list goes on. But that’s exactly what makes Chelsea so unique and likeable. She’s loud about the issues she’s passionate about. She has become a champion for women, and never holds back with criticisms about Trump or conservatives. She is honest and admits she does not know everything about politics, but has dedicated herself to learning along with her audience as her Netflix show progressed. Chelsea defies gender stereotypes, and that is admirable. Here are just some of the many reasons to love Chelsea Handler:Via Giphy

1. She has normalized conversations about sex and sexuality

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Chelsea’s frequent conversation about sex in her shows and books have served as an example that sex and sexuality are not something to be ashamed of, but are rather empowering. She’s playing a role in moving the line from “vulgarity” to “normalcy.”  

2. She doesn’t want kids and literally doesn’t care what you think about it

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Chelsea created a segment on her Netflix show called “Kids. They’re not that great.” While she jokes of wanting to sleep in, having the pool to herself, and not being responsible for other human beings, she attempts to normalize the conversation about women not wanting children. The reality is, having kids is not for everyone. However, even those who have kids will appreciate the jokes she makes about the perils of having children. On a related note, she also talks openly about having two abortions at age sixteen, using her experiences to fight for women’s healthcare and normalizing conversation around the taboo subject. #IStandWithPP

3. She filmed herself, her friends and her staff doing drugs

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Chelsea traveled to Peru and did Ayahuasca while filming her documentary series Chelsea Does. FUCKING AYAHUASCA! Who does that AND films it?!

4. She gets paid to travel the world

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Chelsea has traveled to Mexico, England, Russia, India, Japan, and more for her Netflix show. She films her interactions with people on the street, attends cultural events and meets interesting people. She somehow manages to combine subtle (yet sometimes overt) jokes about foreign cultures with a genuine interest in actually learning something. Please, someone pay me to travel to India and take a Bollywood dance class.

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4. She cried during her conversation with Barbara Boxer

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Usually, I turn to Chelsea for a few laughs after a long day, but on the day after the election, she had me thinking, crying and feeling a little more hopeful. “I know for a woman, as a woman, this feels so sexist, and the message I want to spread to other women is not to give up because this is so important. It’s easy to say we are going to throw in the towel, but you have a responsibility. You have a voice and you have to use it.”

5. Her Women’s March speech was the ultimate call for *sisterhood*

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“As women, it’s our responsibility to support one another.” Chelsea marched in Utah and gave a riveting speech about the importance of Planned Parenthood, sisterhood and women supporting each other. She reminded us that maybe we may have the privilege to not worry about seeing a doctor or needing other social services, but other women around us are not. Imagine a world where we all only lived for ourselves and never acted for anyone else. It would be uninhabitable.

6. She isn’t afraid to admit her taste for booze

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Vodka is Chelsea’s way of life, with aperol spritzers at a close second. If that’s not #LifeGoals, then I don’t know what is.

I’ll miss Chelsea dearly on my Netflix feed in 2018. However, I am inspired by her dedication to bringing more women into politics. Hey Chelsea, maybe we’ll work together in D.C.!