Where to Find Internships

Internships are very important jobs that help students gain experience within the work field they wish to go into. Many colleges and universities even require some majors to obtain an internship for credit by their senior year. It’s a way to use some of the skills obtained from classes in the real world. There are many resources you can use as a student to find these internships. Separated into two categories, you can find them online or physically.


There are many sites online dedicated solely to helping people find jobs (which is essentially what an internship is). A few places to start would be:

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • A search engine like Google or Bing
  • LinkedIn
  • Monster

Another potential online resource could be a job site that your school specifically uses. For George Mason University, the resource is called Handshake. Normally, employers in these systems are specifically looking for college students from the university, this is a great tool, especially if you are interested in a job on campus!


To physically obtain an internship is what some may called old fashioned, but it works!

  • Networking is an awesome way to obtain an internship, maybe someone you know has connections that could be of use to you.

  • Handing in a resume to a firm that interests you.
  • Asking in person if places you’re interested in have internships available.

  • Go to the career center at your university. They’re there to help you obtain jobs and internships and qualified in helping.

  • Go to job fairs. They’re definitely looking for employees. You may even get hired on the spot! George Mason hosts multiple job fairs throughout the year so make sure to keep an eye out!

Just remember that obtaining a job or internship is all about marketing yourself to employers. There are many other variables that go into it than just applying (resumes, cover letters, outfits, interviews), but once you’ve applied you’ve got the door cracked open.

Good luck, collegiettes! Happy internship-ping!