What Your Laptop Stickers Say About You

Laptop stickers are the college equivalent to your first locker in middle school. It’s the chance to let your personality shine and show everyone that you’re "not-ironically but actually ironically into 90’s pop culture." Whether you’re a strategic sticker placer or an overlap sticker showcasing queen, read on to say what your laptop garb really says about you.  

1. Your laptop is looking sparse

Courtesy of Courtney Boone

Either your old laptop finally made it to the grave or you’re going for a more professional looking aesthetic. Either way, you scream professionalism rn. P.S.-Love the HC stickers? Treat yo’ self and buy them in the HCXO shop!

2. You have a color scheme

Courtesy of Amanda Snead

You have your life and schedule planned down to a T. You’re probably the one that rolls up to 8 AM lectures with full makeup and you’d never be seen walking around campus in your sweat pants. More power to you, girl.

3. Your stickers haphazardly overlap

Via Pinterest

You’ve been everywhere and you’ve seen everything, with the stickers to prove it! Your laptop sticker collection is the next best thing to a scrapbook and your heart breaks a little when one begins to peel off.

4. All of your stickers are greek-related

Via FindGreek

You probably just joined and want EVERYONE to know you found your home in ~the best~ sisterhood. You may have even ordered them the night before bid day because you just KNEW you were getting your first choice. We won’t tell ;)

5. All of the stickers you want are sitting in your Redbubble cart

Screenshot via Redbubble

You have goals and plans, you just don't exactly know how to achieve them yet. You dream BIG, but need to work on following through and organizing.

6. They're all temporarily covered in post-it notes

Courtesy of Sonakshi Negi

You’re a Rho Gamma... and can't wait to finally run back home.

Sticker on, Collegiettes. May your stickers’ adhesive glue always stay strong and your Redbubble dream cart become purchases.